Lifting The Sky

Ward Wood Publishing, 2018
ISBN 978-1-908742-68-1


Myra Schneider’s tenth collection, Lifting The Sky, explores the theme of survival in many contexts: from the perils facing refugees and survivors of war to the detailed and tender mating ritual of endangered seahorses.

Threats to the environment are balanced by the preservation of delicate objects in ancient burial sites such as Sutton Hoo which is also a meditation about death.

The final narrative sequence ‘Edge’ is a tour de force, presenting a diary of artistic and emotional breakdown due to depression followed by healing and restored creativity.


Myra Schneider reads Lifting the Sky at the book launch in the Poetry Society’s Poetry Cafe, London, November 2018.

Myra Schneider reads Seahorses at the book launch in the Poetry Society’s Poetry Cafe, London, November 2018.



Plant yourself in the quiet on a familiar floor
or on an uncut summer lawn

and, thinking of seabirds, stretch out your arms,
let them ascend through the unresisting air.

With palms facing upwards, travel your hands
till your fingertips almost meet,

then release your breath, begin to separate yourself
from the weight of all that lies on you.

Allow your mind to open to this moment and your arms
to rise as they lift the palpable blue

high above the crown of your head.
Your wings will fold away

but raise them slowly to the blue again, maybe
a lightness like liquid amber will flow through you.

Myra Schneider

Lifting the Sky: an exercise in qigong the Chinese practice of breathing, movement and meditation.


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