Second Light Network

Second Light is a network of women poets in the UK and beyond. It is particularly intended for poets who have reached the age of 40 although it welcomes younger women as associate members. The membership includes poets who are published or beginning to get published and are serious about developing their work. The network was founded by Dilys Wood in 1994. As an organiser, she is assisted by Anne Stewart, administrator, and Kaye Lee who is the membership secretary and I give her some assistance as a consultant.  There is also a committee of well-published poets. The membership is around 350 poets and there are a few hundred poets on its mailing list who receive the newsletter.

The network aims to promote the work of all women poets, and also to help members develop and promote their work, through its journal, two day festivals in London twice a year with workshops and readings for members, also a very popular annual five day residential week at Holland House in Cropthorne (near Evesham, Worcestershire.) Members include well-known poets Mimi Khalvati, Penelope Shuttle, Alison Brackenbury, Moniza Alvi, Katherine Gallagher and others.

Members who are experienced poets play an important role in Second Light by writing reviews or articles for the journal,  ARTEMISpoetry, by acting as poetry editor or co-editor for an issue and tutoring. Those who are much published are often invited to judge the annual competition.

ARTEMISpoetry is published in May and November and has been on public sale from the Autumn 2008 edition. It focusses on poetry, articles and reviews of books by women poets and many of the poems in it are by members. Wherever possible members’ books are reviewed. The journal also publishes the winning and commended poems from the Second Light competition which is held annually and is open to non-members. A newsletter is sent out by email 4 times a year. Non-members can sign up to receive newsletters.  All members who wish it can be listed on the website with details about themselves including one of their poems.

Second Light has published several anthologies in association with established poetry publishers and through its publishing wing, Second Light Publications.

I much recommend the network.

For full information,  details about joining and contact links go to: