Art project with artist Robert Aldous

April 13th – May 14th
Circle Contemporary Art Gallery
Hawksfield Cornwall
Wadebridge PL27 7LR

I am writing a series of short poems to accompany paintings by Robert Aldous. These will be included in an exhibition at the Circle Contemporary Art Gallery. The exhibition will feature paintings of water in different landscapes and I am writing poems which will complement the paintings. Below is one of the paintings in Robert Aldous’s studio and the poem which goes with it.

Look, ocean indigo with anger,
ocean rising up into huge crests
which spew fury, ocean bellowing
at the thin-lipped land crouched
behind it. Look, clouds sweeping
through sky eager to marry these waters.
The black wave threatens annihilation
but in the fathomless dark something is stirring
and it fills you with wonder as you gaze
at the ceaseless seagull-white layers.

Myra Schneider


It emerges slowly from the fog of unknowing,
widens in this place of quiet and mirrors
all the twiggeries straggling from a flock
of shorn trees. Pause here for a while
and you’ll find too the water reflects grass,
the black line of the bank, a silent bird
dipping for food. And as shafts of light
penetrate darks in the thicket, you’ll see
how wildness seeks for pattern.

Myra Schneider